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Accounting services in times of crisis are becoming more relevant. What is it about ?

Virtually every person who carries on business, whether a novice entrepreneur or a businessman with experience, conducts his business with the sole purpose - profit. In a crisis, to preserve profits have to exert much more effort than during the economic recovery. In general, these efforts are distributed in three areas:

  1. to find new customers for their goods or services, preservation of old customers
  2. to attract additional external funding
  3. to reduce your own costs.

The following discussion focuses only on the third direction, namely one of the possible ways of reducing their own costs. In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, any entity carrying out business activities, must keep accounting.
Depending on the volume of accounting work records can be kept by:
- a company's own accounting department,
- a company that provides accounting services,
- a personal manager.

With a large amount of work your own bookkeeping is virtually no alternative accounting companies and accounting services using third-party organization impractical. With a small volume, along with its own accounting (in the State which may consist of only one chief accountant), it is possible to carry out accounting manager in person or to engage the accounting firm, which will provide accounting services under the contract. It is this possibility and helps to reduce their own costs.

The head itself does the bookkeeping

At first glance, this option is the most optimal in terms of minimizing the cost of bookkeeping. Indeed, because they do not pay payroll accountants, because they do not, therefore no need to deduct and taxes on these wages. No equipment costs jobs and equipping them with furniture, computers and office equipment. You can sit in the office of the smaller area and it will save money on lease payments. The cost of acquisition and (or) maintenance of accounting software up to date will not seem quite so big on the background of those funds that could have been saved. But this option is also negative points. And if they do not take into account, the attempt to reduce their own costs may lead to their increase.

One negative point is that the manager will need to spend their own time on bookkeeping, instead of spending it to solve their basic problems. This time is not so small as accounting requires professional knowledge, experience and skills. The main negative thing is that usually the head is not an accountant - professional. Mistakes made in the accounting work, preparation and delivery of reporting the tax authority and funds to be identified in the audits could lead to fines, freezing accounts, and these measures could put the business on the brink of extinction. So it makes sense to apply to the outsourcing company that provides accounting services.

Transfer accounting to a company that provides accounting services.

The purpose of the use of accounting services by a specialized company is to optimize business processes. Transfer account manager will help the company to focus on your business, minimize financial risks, and significantly reduce the administrative and financial costs. Therefore, relying on accounting outsourcing company, the head will get a huge number of advantages for their own business. When you send a bookkeeping specialist outsourcing company that specializes in providing accounting services, the head can be sure that will not disappear any documents. Appealing to the accounting company, the head receives a number of benefits and quality care. These advantages include:

  • Costs for services will be significantly lower than the content of the state accounting system, so you can save without any risk to the business, while giving all his time to his administration.
  • The head can be calm for your accounting, because the entire responsibility for it is an outsourcing company with which a contract for accounting services is signed.
  • As partners in the head will be qualified accountants and good professionals who will give advice and find ways to minimize taxes and provide advice on non-standard financial-economic and legal issues.
  • Financial statements will be issued in time and properly, and put in the appropriate organization strictly on time, while managers do not have to expend any effort.

In a crisis there is a steady trend of growth in demand for accounting services. A clear illustration of this is the statistics of the search term "Accounting Services" in the search engine Yandex, shown in the chart.

 accounting services  - tendencies

The unit adopted the number of requests in August 2008. The graph shows that the number of requests in February 2009 increased by 2.3 times.

Such rapid growth in demand for accounting services, and generates an increased supply.Often, supply growth is accompanied by a decline in the quality of services offered. So to all of these benefits were realized in full, the contract for the provision of accounting services necessary to conclude with a reliable, proven, stable operating accounting company with a staff of highly qualified professionals.


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