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Services of an accountant or accounting company?

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An entrepreneur who has just opened his own business or who has decided to reduce the cost of their own accounts in connection with a small amount of your work, quite often faces the question how to do the bookkeeping? Today's market offers two possible answers to this question: accounting services and services provided by accounting company. Typically, accounting services provided by private persons with accounting education and are not in the state of a company. Bookkeeping services may be on a permanent basis or one time, when the accountant engaged for the preparation and delivery of accounting and tax reporting. The accounting company - usually a legal person, the sphere of professional activity is the provision of services on keeping accounting of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

Each of these methods of accounting services has its own advantages and disadvantages. To make an informed choice in favor of either option should carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages, clearly imagining, what is the work of an accountant, what issues need to be addressed and the extent of accounting work for the accounting and the preparation and delivery of accounting and tax reporting. Regardless of who performs the work necessary to address the following questions:

  1. Accounting and tax accounting.
  2. Development of accounting policies.
  3. Preparation and submission of accounting and tax reporting.
  4. Optimization of taxation.
  5. Computerization of tax and accounting.
  6. Recovery of tax and accounting, if this accounting for the previous period was not conducted or was conducted improperly.
  7. Dealing with tax and extrabudgetary funds relating to the enterprise

To address these issues in the process requires highly skilled accountant

Accounting services: the pros and cons

Not uncommon for a company management believes that the services an accountant and his work is not complicated, does not require a significant investment of time and that such work may well meet the person who received accounting education in any course. The cost of such accountant shall be below the cost of maintaining a staff accountant or an accounting company to attract, it is objectively true. Another thing that a man who graduated from accounting course, not be able to competently deal with all matters relating to accounting and tax business.

Among accountants single that provide services to accountants, there are many really good professionals, but in general, cooperation with the accountant carries certain risks to consider when choosing a service to your business.

The accountant should be competent in all areas of accounting and taxation, as he will maintain all accounts the company, including to serve as chief accountant. At the stage of selecting a candidate for the execution of this work is impossible to draw objective conclusions about his professionalism. Right choice can be confirmed or refuted only after the date of reporting and verification of company tax authorities. As a result of this test, you may find that the savings of using the services of private enterprise is more than offset by fines and financial sanctions to be applied to the company and its leader, all of the mistakes made in the management of accounting business. We should not exclude the fact that the sanctions could jeopardize the very existence of the enterprise. If not, then head of the company made the right choice. In essence, the involvement of private enterprise to provide services to an accountant - is a lottery, "a cat in a bag", since the outcome is unpredictable in advance and on the question of whether qualitative service is performed or not can be judged only after a certain period of time.

Objectively, this situation does not encourage private accountant to the faithful execution of their functions, as payment for his work done for a certain amount of work performed, regardless of its quality. Such an accountant could not be brought to responsibility or liability for its mistakes in the recording arising as a result of the unit of negligence or incompetence. All responsibility for the accounting company carries its manager. All the risks can be minimized if the services are rendered by an accountant, competence, professionalism and integrity is not in doubt. The alternative is a private accountant accounting firm providing relevant services.

Accounting Company

 accounting company

The accounting company largely devoid of the risks and disadvantages that are inherent in the private accountant. The reason for this lies in the fact that the company is interested in long-term and cooperation with customers and values its reputation by providing accounting services under the contract. The contract for the provision of accounting services in most companies there is an item in accordance with which the company admitted to errors in accounting and tax reporting, it is financially responsible. This insures the customer of the poor service and promotes an organization working for a company in which errors are minimized. State of skilled, competent work distribution, continuous monitoring, regular visits to seminars on accounting and tax accounting, maintenance and accounting software allows the company kachastvenno do the work.

A significant number of business start-ups and (or) leaders of the newly established enterprises knowledge about accounting and bookkeeping is constrained by the need to keep records and take statements. What specifically is being done and how much work to be done - remains a mystery. The purpose of this article - to show the advantages and disadvantages of financial services companies and the services of private accountants to make an informed choice for accounting in the enterprise.


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