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The development of the domestic market was transferred virtually all areas of service delivery and production on a strict regime of economy. Saving accounts for literally everything - the cost of raw materials, overheads, logistics, production areas, etc. The development of modern communication technologies and domestic Internet open up business opportunities.

For small companies opens a lot of ways to optimize their business - processes and thus save on the cost model. One of the available ways to save is to save on the areas of offices and staff. Thanks to the Internet, many professionals such as designers, IT-specialists and other creative staff can work remotely, without taking up office space. Sometimes the head of the company refuses, and from a regular unit, as an accountant, trying to take accounting in their hands.

But if the head is not strong in debit with credit, but still wants to save on accounting, then the best option are the services of an accounting company.

Public accounting companies - what could you save on?

In Russian conditions, with constant innovations in the tax legis individual entrepreneurs and small companies can not do without an experienced and qualified accountant. Competent bookkeeping, preparation and timely delivery of financial and tax accounting in the fiscal authorities are the key to the lack of problems with regulatory authorities and the lack of penalties for errors or donated discrepancy reporting requirements of Russian legislation. For a qualified accountant required space, computer, accounting software latest version, taking into account all the current changes in legislation, office furniture and a good salary. These costs can be reduced by focusing on the services of an accounting company.

Of course, should pay for everything, including for the services of an accounting company. However, this fee will be less than the cost of maintaining their own accounting. We should not overlook the fact that the poorly organized accounting in the case of its own accounting penalties from regulatory agencies will pay the company itself, while, as accounting company if it conducts business accounts to offset these costs at their own expense. You need only to draw attention to the fact that this provision had been prescribed in the contract for the services of an accounting company.

Positive aspects of using public accounting companies

Positive aspects of public accounting companies are not only that can reduce costs for accounting companies, but that can get a quality bookkeeping. Specialists accounting company competently carry out the development of accounting and tax policy, the organizing document, the current accounting, calculate wages and all applicable taxes, composition, and have deposited monthly and quarterly tax calculation and declaration. Services of an accounting company focused on companies with any organizational - legal form and the various systems of taxation. Thus, the services of an accounting company may represent the full range of activities for the organization and accounting enterprise customer.

Often the company does not need the full range of accounting services in such a case, an accounting company can be provided only at the appropriate site of accounting. Outsourcing accounting companies provide various kinds of cooperation, ranging from the implementation of slaves work, such as renting a zero reporting or accounting recovery and ending with comprehensive accounting services.

Some comments about the services of an accounting company

The first note. In advertising texts outsourcing companies offering their services as one of the advantages of using the services of an accounting company serves a substantial savings in time head of the company expended by him on issues of accounting. This assertion is only partially true, since the entire scope of work to collect primary accounting documentation and its timely transfer in accounting company remains on the customer. At the customer is and all the work to restore the lost original documents and re-irregular documentation.

The second note. Another advertised benefit is that the accounting company is financially responsible for the quality of work, ie compensates for the payment of fines, exhibited the tax inspectors. Under current tax law the taxpayer is an enterprise customer, so the customer is obliged to sign myself all delivered in reporting and that he bears full financial, administrative and criminal liability for the company's accounting. All financial sanctions for defective reporting or accounting errors will be application in the customer, all fines must pay the customer. An accounting company offsetting these costs to the customer if the fines and sanctions applied to customers through its fault, and not the result of delayed transfer of primary records, its partial loss or incorrect or delayed clearance.

The third note. This issue of confidentiality. By using the services of an accounting company to conduct its accounting, contracting parties the organization all the information about their financial activities. Therefore, when concluding a contract for the services of an accounting company must carefully consider contract clauses relating to issues of confidentiality of information transmitted. The customer should be aware that an accounting company working ordinary people and the maximum penalty that may be incurred for employee leaked information - it is fired. However, your own staff accountant for the same offense may suffer only a similar punishment .


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