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Restoration of accounting

Today, there are quite a number of businesses that need the restoring of accounting. Paths that lead the company into a situation when you need to restore the accounting can be numerous. But the consequences are usually the same:

  • imposition of penalties by the tax or other regulatory bodies ;
  • the arrest of company's bank accounts if the financial statements are handed in to tax authorities ;
  • misreporting or misrepresentation does not allow the management to have objective information about both the financial and property status of the company ;
  • the lack of primary documents and their processing does not allow to control inventory.

Restoration of accounting in organizations should be held:

  • in the case of incorrect organization and management of accounting and taxation;
  • with the unreliability of basic data;
  • in case of loss or damage of accounting accounting records, the primary documentation and reporting;
  • with full lack of registers for a number of periods;
  • when you want to save the company at any price, even if the accounting was carried out incorrectly or was not implemented at all.

Restoration of accounting. Purposes.

Restoration of accounting (full or partial) is done with one goal: bringing order to the books of the company in compliance with the law. Submission of revised tax returns and corrected forms of accounting will minimize the adverse financial consequences associated with violation of accounting in prior periods.

The procedure for "the restoration of accounting"

The procedure for "the restoration of accounting" is to restore these analytical, synthetic and tax registers, as well as reporting on a basis of partly or fully provided by the primary accounting documents. Primary documents can be not provided fully because of their loss or late receipt of the contractors due to various reasons, among which there can be such as changing accountants, improper record keeping for low-skilled or bad faith, etc. Recovering accounting as a procedure to bring reports of the company in line with the available documents and recovery of the missing documents is taking place in several stages. First perform the audit to identify weaknesses in accounting and valuation of accounting services for the restoration of accounting. In essence, an audit is a preparatory step for the restoration of accounting and includes analysis of the current state of accounting, processing, sorting and analysis of primary documentation, which is conducted to determine its compliance with current Russian legislation, as well as the correctness of data in accounting and balance sheet, compiled a list of missing documents. The second stage is one of the most time-consuming because it is necessary to restore the missing documents, which sometimes means that you need to regain the counterparty missing invoices, bills, acts on the work performed. Perhaps it will take for the comfort of transactions with account at the bank. Once collected, missing documents, the formation of registers is performed, adding them to the accounting software for processing and implementation of accounting entries. The final stage is the restoration of accounting - audit, recovery and preparation of accounting records, analysis of the estimates of tax payments and preparation of accounting and tax reporting forms, and their delivery to the relevant supervisory authorities.

Who can perform the restoration of accounting?

Who can perform the restoration of accounting? The question inevitably arises after it became necessary to restore the accounting and you come to an understanding of what the procedure of the restoration of accounting is. Restoration of accounting can be done by a full-time accountant, "incoming" accountant, involved to perform this procedure, or it can be given to an accounting outsourcing company specializing in providing accounting services. Each of the methods that you can use to recover the accounting have their own advantages and disadvantages. Restoration of accounting with the outsourcing company is incorporated in the accounting services business or an individual accounting services, i.e. carried out under contract for accounting services, or under a separate contract for the restoration of accounting. As a result of providing this service, customers receive a full restoration as accounting and tax accounting, with the delivery of reporting to the bodies of tax control. This provides further stability and sustainable development organization.


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