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Provision of accounting services

Provision of accounting services is the main activity or accounting outsourcing company and includes the accounting services for enterprises of different ownership forms, bookkeeping and recovery of tax and accounting, the organization of accounting documents of the enterprise. The basis of relations with consumers of accounting services is a contract for the provision of accounting services.

Typically, the accounting company employs highly qualified specialists with extensive practical experience. In addition to providing accounting services carried out an audit and legal support company.

Traditionally, the provision of accounting services includes the whole range of activities for the rehabilitation of accounting (if accounting is not conducted or conducted improperly), bookkeeping, drafting and preparation of financial statements, as well as the delivery of reporting to the tax office, social insurance statistics, etc. Typically, an organization that has decided to transfer its accounting for accounting outsourcing, accounting was conducted improperly, and this raises the need for urgent and operational measures aimed at restoring accounting. In this case, the provision of accounting services performed in the shortest possible time. A large amount of work on reconstruction and processing of primary documentation prior periods requires additional cost, but it allows experts to prepare a company's most correct version of the records and to adjust the accounts for the previous periods with the least possible financial loss.

Provision of accounting services - who to trust accounting?

Accounting services classified services demanded by modern businesses. Today, the organization of the accounting department can use several ways. The first and most common is the presence of an accountant in the state of the enterprise. The second way is to attract a freelance accountant, sometimes referred to as "incoming". A third way is to transfer to the accounting outsourcing company. There is a fourth way - is when the manager himself is accounting. Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages. Consider the first two ways, since most of them make a choice between the majority of small companies.

The main functional responsibilities of the Chief Accountant is the formation of the company's accounting policies and the implementation of accounting and control the movement of assets of the enterprise and its financial flows. Availability of qualified staff of the chief accountant is an important positive point for any enterprise. But there is a slight negative points. Qualified chief accountant is quite expensive. An attempt to save money by engaging an accountant with a lower skill level is highly likely in the future will result in significant losses in the form of fines and other financial sanctions, which impose a fiscal authorities in the detection of deficiencies in accounting.

Provision of accounting services "coming" accountant will cost much less. Those wishing to offer services of an accountant a lot, so finding such a specialist is not difficult. The company, obrativschayasya the services of "incoming" accountant can actually save on wage and tax deductions from this payment. But this option is fraught with the possibility of poor accounting and untimely delivery of accounting and tax reporting. Focusing on the provision of accounting services to the incoming accountant must clearly realize that such accountant shall not be in general no responsibility for their work. It should also bear in mind that it is very difficult to predict how a professional accountant who comes to cope with tasks assigned to it and what are the implications of his work. Unfortunately, these effects are not immediately but over a considerable period of time: namely, after verification of tax service. It should not be discounted further by the fact that for a freelance accountant to provide accounting services to the enterprise is a kind of extra money, a kind of "hack" with the appropriate attitude to their work.

Provision of accounting services outsourcing company

Provision of accounting services is becoming increasingly popular in our country and is the third way of organizing accounting company. . This service market is dynamically developing and relevant. Market growth is due to several reasons. Increased quality of accounting services provided by outsourcing companies play in this is not the last role. Increased competition reduces the cost of services, and full financial responsibility for the quality of company accounting bookkeeping saves in wages his own accounting, financial sanctions, the fiscal authorities, as well as to include the cost of providing accounting services in the cost of their own products or its services.

An important question is how to choose outsourcing company, which will provide bookkeeping services at a reasonable cost with the necessary quality. There is no general universal answer. Everyone makes choices based on their interests, experience, knowledge.The easiest way to assess the professionalism of the outsourcing company - is to ask the opinion of her clients. the quality of services. If the company makes no secret of its clients and provides the opportunity to communicate with them, then most likely she is confident in its performance.


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