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Outsourcing in construction

Outsourcing in the construction

Outsourcing in the construction of the most often used for tasks such as:

  • collection of the required initial and permits;
  • technical project studies and project coordination;
  • obtain a building permit;
  • materials procurement and supply management;
  • logistics;
  • accounting;
  • human resource management;
  • monitor the progress of works and much more.

For example, only one of initial approvals may be collected for a very long time, if not to know all the nuances of its design and production. In such documentation includes a great number of different securities: plot plan with the scheme of the future location of the building on the ground, marking the boundaries of land, technical and economic parameters of the building, and so just to bring all the documents, you can get a building permit and provide accurate input data for designers. Companies who are professionally engaged in the construction of outsourcing, usually decide such questions much faster thanks to the rich experience of the established system and networking with government agencies.

Important for any investor is, and close monitoring of procurement of construction materials and the implementation of the construction work. Technical customer serves here as the authorized inspector, does not allow building contractors to do their work in good faith.

The powers of the technical customer, as a supervisor, may include:

  • conformity assessment of the quality of materials used in their value in the provided documentation;<
  • monitoring compliance with construction technology of the facility;
  • constant monitoring of the quality of work;<
  • final acceptance of finished structures, systems engineering and other work.

Only the proper building control allows the investor to save a lot of money and time, as well as to preserve and protect the nerves from further proceedings in the court. In addition, proper building control can prevent not only the superintendent or operating errors, but errors in the design. We can say that this control into the hands of not only investors, but any construction contractors, as it eliminates many of the potential problems and conflicts with the customer.

It should be noted that employees of outsourcing companies, responsible for building control, are selected from among the best specialists with higher education in construction and extensive practical experience. Because one person is difficult to understand every nuance of construction, solid companies, there are entire control department, which includes experts from different fields of construction. From the watchful eye of such a service will not escape any disadvantage.


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