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Filing of accounts and zero balance

The company provides accounting services, one of which is the compilation and submission of reporting, including zero balance, for enterprises of different organizational - legal form of ownership and individual entrepreneurs, who use different systems of taxation. Based on single or long-term contracts with customers, accounting services for the delivery of quarterly and (or) the annual financial statements are provided

Accounting is an integrated system of data on property and financial status of the organization and it shows the results of its financial and economic activity for a certain period of time. Accountability is built on the basis of accounting data on special forms, the rules of which are established by the relevant subordinate regulations.

In accordance with applicable law, delivery of reporting is mandatory for any organization regardless of its organizational-legal form. Reporting is mandatory in cases when during the reporting period the enterprise has not conducted any financial activities. In this case, handing in a zero accounting takes place. Zero balance is handed in with the same letterhead and at the same time as the delivery of reporting organizations involved in business activities.

Cases of accounting firms that provide accounting services for small firms, which have had a number of other accounting services such as rehabilitation of accounting and bookkeeping, are widespread in the world. Recently, accounting services of specialized companies are becoming increasingly popular in Russia, as accounting gives the staff an opportunity to optimize their own accounts or opt out of it. This is because the accounting and delivery of accounting organizations, which provides specialized company, is more economically advantageous, since the cost of maintaining the state's own accounts exceed the services of specialized firms.

Financial statements shall be under outsourcing contract for the provision of accounting services concluded between the client and the accounting firm. The client receives substantial benefits from handing in a quarterly and annual reporting is implemented in full and on time, preparation of financial statements the client shall be conducted using modern accounting software and information systems. This allows to monitor changes in the forms of accountability. Qualified preparation of financial statements is performed in full accordance with current legislation, so the client can be sure there are no errors in the delivered documents. When using accounting services client is free from the need to queue to pass the reporting IFTS, non-budget funds and statistics, since the whole delivery of financial statements is provided by members of an accounting firm.

The procedure for interaction of an accounting firm and the client is as follows: the client sends an accounting firm required documents, which include invoices, bills, certificates of completed works, cash records, documentation of wages, work orders and documentation to acquire fixed assets. Employees carry out initial processing of the documents, introducing them into a database accounting software to carry it out the wiring and make all necessary reporting forms, such as balance, declarations, reports, etc. After that the client signs the necessary documentation and is handing in the reports to IFTS, non-budget funds and statistics by the accounting company. Zero balance is handed in similarly. The only difference is that there is no need to carry out the processing of primary documentation in view of its absence.


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