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The contract for the provision of accounting services.

The contract for the provision of accounting services is the main legal instrument under which the constructed relationship between consumers and accounting services company that provides them. The text of the agreement specified object of the contract, the duties and responsibilities of the Customer and the Contractor, the procedure, terms and conditions of payment, privacy, term of the contract and special conditions. It should be noted that the Contractor is responsible and obliged to reimburse the customer all the fines and penalties, as well as at his own expense to make corrections and changes in the accounting and reporting customer in all cases except those which have occurred due to untimely, inaccurate and incomplete information provided to the Customer.

As an example, consider the case where the Customer untimely, i.e. after accounting for the relevant period has been delivered, to the Contractor an additional bills, invoices or acts performed work. In this case, the company that contracted to provide accounting services shall adjust the accounts for an additional fee. If, before the accounting adjustments regulatory authorities as a result of mutual testing are an infringement and fined, then it will be required to pay the Customer. As an example, below is the text of the treaty:

the provision of accounting services (typical)

"__"_________ 20__ PM

________________________________, Hereinafter referred to as Customer, on behalf of ________________________, acting on the basis of ______________, on the one hand, and _____________________________________________________ hereinafter referred to as the Contractor, in the face _________________________________________, acting on the basis _____________, on the other hand, have made this agreement as follows:


1.1. Contractor shall on the instructions of the Customer to provide services to an extent and on terms provided for herein (the provision of accounting services, bookkeeping and tax accounting based on primary documentation provided by the customer, preparation of accounting and tax reporting, consulting services on management accounting, preparation and delivery of the reporting .), and the Customer shall pay for these services.


2.1. The Contractor shall:
2.1.1 the provision of accounting services to comply strictly with the requirements of existing legislation;
2.1.2 for the customer to perform representational functions in connection with regulatory authorities (Tax authority and funds to provide necessary explanations, appear in the body to call an inspector), promptly notify the Customer of all the contacts and the issues raised, with each situation caused by the fault customer is charged separately exhibited an act of work performed.
2.2. Contractor is responsible for:
2.2.1 for the safety of all primary records referred to it by the Customer under this agreement;
2.2.2 for the correct and timely processing of data and information in accordance with the source documents provided by the Customer.
2.3. The Contractor shall not be liable for timeliness, inaccuracy, and (or) incomplete information provided by the Customer to, and the consequences resulting therefrom.
2.4. The Contractor shall not be liable for claims of third parties to Customer related to the conduct of their business. Contractor is not responsible for the consequences of administrative violations committed by officials of the Customer.
2.5. Contractor shall reimburse the customer based on his claim, all fines and penalties, as well as at his own expense to make corrections and changes in the accounting and reporting customer in all cases, which, according to this contract under its responsibility.


3.1. Customer shall:
3.1.1 give the Contractor all the necessary basic records for each (th) calendar (- th )______________ a period not exceeding 3 days after ___________________
3.1.2 to sign statements prepared by the Contractor for submission to the appropriate address, in a period not exceeding two calendar days of receipt of the request (written or oral) of the Contractor;
3.1.3 promptly notify the Contractor in writing of any changes in the treaties and other primary records. For the consequences of changes made retroactively (within 5 of the month following the month the period for which documentation was provided), the Contractor is not responsible.Any alteration to the underlying records, the Contractor is considered as a new primary document. Handling changes to double the tariff paid;
3.1.4 within five days from the date of preparation of the Contractor to take a set of donated records and sign a completion certificate;
3.1.5 promptly and fully pay for the services of the Contractor.


4.1. Payment for the Contractor for the previous month a monthly basis not later than 5 th of each month.
4.2. The cost of this contract is _________ rubles per month, including VAT. -In the event that no further acts exhibited the work performed.
4.3. In the case of late payment by the Customer Service Contractor for a period exceeding 15 days, the Contractor shall have the right to unilaterally terminate this agreement, what informs the customer letter sent to his registered address. If there is no reasonable answer, the customer and the lack of payment within ten business days after sending that letter, the Contractor disclaims any liability under this contract for the unpaid and all subsequent periods.Primary documents are forwarded to the Contractor of the Customer to the registered address of the Customer.
4.4. In the case of exceeding the original scope of work under this contract, paragraph 4.2. this agreement is subject to revision.


5.1. The Parties undertake to maintain strict confidentiality of information obtained during the execution of this contract, and to take all possible measures to protect this information from disclosure.
5.2. Transmission of confidential information to third parties, publication or other disclosure of such information can only be done with the written consent of the other Party, regardless of the cause of termination of this contract.
5.3. Restrictions on disclosure do not apply to publicly available information or information that has become such through no fault of the Parties.
5.4. The Contractor shall not be liable for the safety of information in the event of a transfer of responsibility information to public authorities entitled to request it in accordance with the RF legislation.


6.1. The Agreement shall enter into force on the date of signing and shall be valid until 31 December this year. The contract is automatically extended for another year, if neither of the Parties declare its dissolution in writing no later than 30 (thirty) days before the expiration of the current term of the contract.
6.2. Either party may terminate the contract unilaterally by notifying the other party in writing no later than 30 (thirty) days before the date of termination. The Parties shall exercise final settlements within 10 (ten) days from the date of termination of this contract. Contractor returns the customer to the customer specified bank account the amount of advance payment minus the amounts for services rendered pursuant to Act intercalculation. In the event of termination of the contract initiated by the Customer, the amount of advance payment for the quarter, which accounts for the date of termination, Customer shall not be returned. In connection with this obligation the Contractor for preparation and delivery of customer statements are valid until the execution of the current reporting period (quarter).
6.3. Contractor has the right to unilaterally cancel the agreement without any required Section 6.2 of the Customer notice in the event of repeated violations by the Customer of the provisions of paragraph 3.1. this contract by giving the Customer within a reasonable time notification.
6.4. Any amendments to this contract executed after the mutual agreement of the Parties in writing and are valid in the case of the signing of these amendments and additions authorized representatives of the Parties.


7.1. This agreement is valid from the date of its signing by the Parties to the performance of all obligations under this Agreement.
7.2. This agreement is made in two copies of equal legal force, one of which is at the contractor, the other - the Customer.
7.3. In case of disputes between the Parties on the execution of this contract, the Parties will take all measures to resolve them through negotiations. Disputes and disagreements on which the Parties have not reached agreement, subject to review in due course of the arbitral tribunal ___________________ in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.



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