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Accounting outsourcing

Outsourcing (Eng. outsourcing - external source) is the transfer of some production functions of the organization to perform at another company, specializing in the relevant field. In contrast to the services and support with a one-time or sporadic and limited the beginning and end, accounting outsourcing is usually passed to the function of professional support uninterrupted performance of some systems or infrastructure of the organization.

The basic principle of outsourcing can be formulated as follows: "I leave myself only what I can do better than others, outsourced what he does better than others."

In the Russian practice of outsourcing is usually transmitted functions such as accounting, organization, translation services, transportation services, computer network and information infrastructure. Transfer of accounting is accounting outsourcing.

Accounting outsourcing and the provision of accounting services

Accounting outsourcing is one of the options for accounting in the enterprise, for which full responsibility, in accordance with the laws of Russia, head of the company. In this variant in order to ensure that the accounting for his enterprise and provide the necessary accountability and NSF budget funds used by a specialized company. Accounting services can take many forms, ranging from the formation of "zero reporting" and to the regular cooperation on a daily basis.

One should distinguish the provision of accounting services and accounting outsourcing. Although these concepts are very similar, but nevertheless, the provision of accounting services can be short-or sporadic. For example, renting a zero balance. At that time, as accounting outsourcing by definition, implies continuity of the process of accounting services. In practice, the accounting company can fully implement all accounting functions up to the enterprise performance of bank payments and the primary documents counterparts.

It should also distinguish between accounting outsourcing and an outside accountant. Outsourcing is inherent in the transfer of regular functions and the use of external specialist can be regarded as the transfer of episodic quantities specific artist.


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