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  • Accounting outsourcing
    Outsourcing - (Eng. outsourcing - external source) is the transfer of some production functions of the organization to perform at another company, specializing in the relevant field. In contrast to the services and support with a one-time or sporadic and limited the beginning and end, outsourcing is usually passed to the function of professional support uninterrupted performance of some systems or infrastructure of the organization... Read More

  • Whom to entrust the accounting?
    If you are an entrepreneur or owner of a small business, then to you sooner or later the question will arise about how and what forces to bookkeeping. What about this says the current legislation? If we turn to the Federal Law of 21.11.96, N 129 of the Federal Law "On Accounting" we see that accounting in the organization may conduct:... Read More

  • Management accounting in ancient times
    Management accounting in modern Russian conditions determined by the Federal Law on Accounting, which, depending on the volume of your work makes it possible to organize the bookkeeping for small businesses in several ways: create your own bookkeeping service, bookkeeping transfer specialist company based on a contract for accounting services, or the head itself to Accounting personally. But it was not always... Read More

  • Accounting services in times of crisis
    Accounting services in times of crisis are becoming more relevant. What is it about ? Virtually every person who carries on business, whether a novice entrepreneur or a businessman with experience, conducts his business with the sole purpose - profit. In a crisis, to preserve profits have to exert much more effort than during the economic recovery. In general, these efforts are distributed in three areas: ...Read More

  • Services of an accountant or accounting company - advantages and disadvantages
    Before an entrepreneur who has just opened his own business or who has decided to reduce the cost of their own accounts in connection with a small amount of your work, quite often the question arises as to how, on bookkeeping? ...Read More

  • Accounting firms and enterprises, or cross-country
    Popular today the phrase "accounting outsourcing", in other words, accounting services firms, enterprises, and various legal entities and individual entrepreneurs are not very long ago, but now firmly entered the lexicon of a large part of modern management. Unable to provide more or less serious company, which never for the whole period of existence did not seek advice from professionals, skilled leading accounting services companies.... Read More

  • Provision of accounting services
    Provision of accounting services is the main activity or accounting outsourcing company and includes the accounting services for enterprises of various forms of ownership, management and restoration of tax and accounting... Read More

  • Outsourcing in construction
    Outsourcing in the construction of the most often used for tasks such as:. .. Read More...

  • The contract for the provision of accounting services
    The contract for the provision of accounting services is the main legal instrument under which the constructed relationship between consumers and accounting services company that provides them ...Read More

  • Outsourcing contract, sample contract
    Outsourcing contract is the foundation on which to build a relationship between the consumer and outsourcing services outsourcer. This article focuses on entrepreneurs who have decided to transfer non-core... Read More

  • Services accounting firm
    The development of the domestic market was transferred virtually all areas of service delivery and production on a strict regime of economy. Saving accounts for literally everything - the cost of raw materials, overhead ... Read More

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