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Accounting is one of the varieties of services used by corporate clients, primarily relating to the category of small and medium businesses and individual entrepreneurs who want to get high-quality, professional service at an affordable price without creating their own accounts. Services provided by an outsourcing company are a reliable way of protecting your own business, because they increase the level of stability and independence of the human factor. In large cities, accounting services are becoming more popular. And it is not surprising, since there are not too many qualified specialists in the field of economics, even though universities are preparing them in large quantities. But yesterday's graduate is not yet a professional. Teaching the graduates a practical work requires considerable amount of time and availability of experienced mentors. It is doubtful that there is a modern businessman, who would entrust the accounting of their firms to a graduate.

Finding a qualified chief accountant becomes difficult and expensive for many entrepreneurs. If the searching is successful, the cost of their own accounting are not limited to high salaries of the chief accountant (at low wages he can be easily enticed away by others). Licensed software is also worth a lot of money. For normal operation of the accounting, relevant support for activities and, therefore, subscription to all legislation and periodicals will be provided. Of course, not for free. That is why the services of accounting firms are becoming popular increasingly.

Accounting services normally provide the following services:

  1. Arrangement of circulation of documents with a full processing of all primary documents (invoices, bills, acts of works, etc.)
  2. Reflection of all business transactions in the tax and accounting online.
  3. Monitoring the correctness of all primary documentation.
  4. Compilating of all necessary forms of analytical and synthetic accounting.
  5. Payroll and related unified social tax, individual income and deductions for social insurance and pension fund, with the preparation of all documents for the payment of wages on the basis of available baseline data (time sheets, orders, sick leave)
  6. Compilation and filing of quarterly tax payments and returns to the tax inspectorate and the non-budget funds.
  7. Accounting of fixed assets, inventory, all kinds of costs.
  8. Taxes and other fees, the implementation of verification of payments.
  9. The direct involvement (in the period of the contract) in the tests performed by the tax inspectorate.

Accounting is built on the basis of close interaction between the customer and outsourcing company in order to properly organize the accounting, the creation of the necessary documentation and its handing in. Specialists of a company that performs accounting constantly monitor changes in legislation; regularly attend seminars on tax accounting in order to avoid errors while implementing accounting of its customers. Focusing on professional outsourcing, clients can afford to pay more attention to their business, leaving all questions of accounting, tax calculations to their accounting company. With proper organization of interaction there is no sense of isolation from the bookkeeping between the company and the customer. In terms of bookkeeping a necessary and sufficient condition of conformity of a company's actions to laws of the Russian Federation is the conclusion of a contract for the provision of accounting services.

The contract for the provision of accounting services is a legitimate opportunity for the bookkeeping business done by a third party. Signing such a contract the company receives assurances that accounting conform to the norms of the law. In addition, customers receive free consultations on all matters related to accounting support immediately after signing the contract for accounting services.

Accounting support

Accounting support of firms are, in fact, accounting services. These terms are synonymous. In fact, very often clients who entered into a contract for accounting services did not do the accounting or did it quite unprofessionally. The exception are the newly established enterprises that have not yet started business and financial activity.

In such cases, while entering into a contract it is necessary to restore the accounting, since it is impossible to organize the current accounting support without restoring the accounting for prior periods. The amount of work and the cost of the account recovery are established at the stage of signing the contract on the basis of price-list for accounting services.


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