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Accounting service of firms and the enterprises or cross-country run

Popular expression “accounting outsourcing ", or, in other words accounting service provided by special firms, the enterprises, various legal persons and individual businessmen was around for a short period of time, but was included in a lexicon of a significant part of modern business executives. It is impossible to present more or less serious company which never requested consultations of experts, qualified companies that provide accounting services, during all the period of its existence.

The objective reality of today inevitably show that the Russian business is in need of constant dialogue with professionals in the field of accounting even if in the company has the whole staff of bookkeepers. True peeks of any perfection can be reached when purposeful work is carried on in the set direction and a field of activity, including in a direction which is called accounting service of firms.

Usual financial calculation (we shall notice that for this purpose there is no necessity to be the professional bookkeeper) will clearly show, that, for example, it is much more expedient for the enterprises of small and average business to address to the specialized companies which will qualitatively and cheaply carry out accounting service than to spend a significant part of the budget on the maintenance of the accounts department of the enterprise. In fact, there is no confidence that the accounts department will execute all amount of works as qualitatively and in due time as the accounting company.

The executive can concentrate completely on the solving of complicated questions and overcoming of difficulties that arise inevitably during the activity of the enterprise, effectively solve the current questions on management of firm if he will address to a specialized company which has an opportunity to provide safety and really qualified accounting service.

Tax support, correct conducting of the documentation, or simply presence of personal connections in the certain circles (it is necessary to remember specificity of the Russian reality) reliably guarantee long existence and stable prosperity to a firm.

What is understood under the term “accounting service of firms”?

  • First, it is a correct registration of accounting reports, composing of the registration documentation. Accounts, superimposed, accounts-invoices, certificates and other payment documents which are required to be issued according to the requirements of the tax laws, guided by items from corresponding codes and laws. They represent primary accounting services of the enterprises themselves which the bookkeepers of the accounting companies, and also other experts, carry out in full conformity with the legislation of the Russian Federation.
  • Second, it is filling of cashbooks, preparation of other cash documents, the advance reporting.
  • Third, it is determination of size of the taxes, which is made the most effectively, safely and without serious consequences for functioning of the organization; calculation of wages, holiday days, indemnifications and other obligatory payments. Preparation and registration of payment assignments is another accounting service.
  • Fourth, it is solution of some disputable and ambiguously treated problems that arise during functioning of firm, the competent decision of arising questions, a legal aid, protection and safety of your business.
  • Fifth, it is a restoration of the accounting documentation and the reporting of any complexity, including various tax registers, cash documents, etc. It is the analysis of financial activity of the enterprise, effective planning of prospect of its further development.
  • Sixth, it is maintenance of accounting programs in an actual condition, reception of the latest data on bookkeeping, and also conducting of the documentation with the help of modern accounting programs which main task is the accounting service itself.

The responsibility and qualification of employees, an extensive spectrum of services on conducting the most complicated reporting, rendered by the specialized accounting outsourcing companies is conclusive advantage at the executives’ choice of forms of accounting protection and safety.


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